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Our Programs

​“Music has a power of forming the character and should therefore be introduced into the education of the young.” Aristotle 

Family/Caretaker Music Circles ages 0-5

We believe music circles should be interactive, entertaining and educational! At both inside and outdoor locations, we gather with 10-20 children and their caretakers to warm up our bodies with classic songs, practice out listening skills while using movement during rockin' freeze dances, explore the basics of our "Do Re Mi's" and take a trip to "Rhythm Town" to find new beats!  

Private 'Pod' Classes

Do you have a group of friends and want to host a music or music/yoga class at your home? We can offer a customized private classes for ages  2-8.  It could be one time or a series.  Contact for more details!

Big Kid Band

This music class is designed to be a social, sharing environment where children ages 5-7 learn ukulele, singing and rhythm basics and create their first "Jams!"   The small class will allow for individualized attention, while the group setting will help foster the love of SHARING music.

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