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Early childhood music classes combining multiple developmental methods through years of research. There's a method to the music.  


Our 10 week session where we progress through the building blocks of music while jamming with new friends, songs, and special puppet guests each week.

Meet our staff

Miss Virginia and Anthony have been a musical teaching team for over 6 years.   Winners of multiple LOVE awards from Mainlineparent. for best music classes.

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September 2022
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Good Morning Music Families, 


Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for registering for our music classes, whether it is for the mini session, winter session, trial, or drops-ins. We look forward to seeing some familiar faces and meeting new families and your awesome children. Our first class for the mini session is Tues, Nov 29.  Our first winter class begins Jan 10. 


What to expect!  Anthony Azzolina and I have been a music teaching team for 6 years. We have always focused on connection, foundational skill growth, and fun. Our classes will follow a loose structure that is meant to keep your child and YOU engaged. We jam, dance and sing and sometimes Mr. Anthony does various impressions:)  As a reminder, Virginia teaches class with Anthony on Tues, Friday and Sat only. Anthony runs class on Wed, Thurs on his own so be prepared for many jokes! 


Some Important Stuff! 


For Kelly Music Center Classes located at 4 E Eagle Rd, there are tables and chairs, though we may encourage that we sit in a circle close to stage. If we do ask folks to sit on the floor, always feel free to let us know if you are uncomfortable. Parking: For Kelly, there is a lot on Darby Rd. It is about $1. There is parking in the surrounding neighborhoods as well just make sure to look for any signage with restrictions.


We will follow up with details on Zoom as well as other locations for the Winter including info on our hosts, Wolf performing arts center as well as St. Lukes, both in Bryn Mawr. 


Instruments:   With all the fun germs that abound in this season, we encourage everyone to bring their own supply of shakers, xylophone, sticks etc. This is a nice pack if you are looking for Hanukkah or Christmas gifts.  We will keep a back up supply/ and a limited supply to borrow for the session as well and we will sanitize anything used from our supply with non toxic alcohol spray. Please also bring a stuffed animal friend as we like them to be a part of the lullaby. 


Food Safety: Since "sharing" becomes somewhat inevitable in toddler classes, we ask that you refrain from packing any peanut snacks. 


Covid/Flue/RSV etc Safety: As music/Yoga/theater teachers at many area schools, we are diligent about monitoring our health. We ask that you do the same. If your child has a fever or heavy cough, we ask that you not attend class. You can make up that class another day, or we can chat if it adds up that you miss half the classes.  Masking is not required but we always say to just be mindful of everyone's comfort. 


Refunds:  As a tiny company we cannot accommodate refunds for occasional missed classes or circumstances other than extended illness that lead to partial missed sessions.  We can provide partial credit for future sessions if there is an extended illness in the family or child.  MAKEUPS are always available.  If there is an issue, let's chat and we can figure out a way to accommodate everyone. 


If you have already made payment, awesome, if not, still awesome because you signed up, and you can pay via the website at Or you can always venmo(@playintimepro) or write a check to Virginia Jennings LLC if that is easier for you.  Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. 


Lastly, thank you for being a part of our little music community.  We look forward to getting to know/see all of you and hope you all enjoy the next few days with your families. 


Best Regards, 

Virginia Jennings & Anthony Azzolina 

Not ready to leave the house?  Try our interactive Zoom classes.

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